How to get there

Steps to get to Kuopio:

-Take a flight to Helsinki International Airport, latest on Friday (12th of July) afternoon

- From the airport take a train to Kuopio (approx. 4 hours) or rent a car if you're travelling in a group. It's also possible to take a connecting flight to Kuopio and then taxi to the center.

Train tickets (approx. 50 €/single ticket, choose your journey from Helsinki Airport to Kuopio):

- As an accommodation we recommend booking a room from Hostel Matkustajakoti. The hostel is located 50 meters from the Kuopio railway station. Special price for swimrunners who book straight by email. There are also several hotels in the city of Kuopio. July is a busy holiday month in Finland so we recommend you to book your stay well in advance!

- Between the city and the competition center (4 km) you can take a local bus or a taxi. For early Ultimate 53 km racers, a lift from the city to the start area will be organized.

If you have any questions concerning travelling to Kuopio please email us!


Kuopio on Google maps

Navigation adress to the competition center: Pinokuja 6, Kuopio