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Welcome to Kuopio Swimrun, a great swimrun adventure on Finnish lakes, isles, hills and forests!


There are two different courses at Kuopio Swimrun:

Long: 25km, which 4,5km of swimming. Total of sections 25 pcs (12 swims), the longest swim 800m

Short: 15km, which 2,2km of swimming. Total of sections 13 pcs (6 swims), the longest swim 600m

More info about Courses

There are total of 7 different categories: 

Short Course: Team of two and single

Long Course: 5 different categories: Men Team, Women Team, Mixed Team and Single Men and Single Women. !!! For LONG single participants some former swimrun race experience on distance 25km+ or 5h+ is required !!! No exceptions !!! 

Prizes for the best at long course, some lottery prizes for short course

Entry Fees:



Short Course

75€ / person

140€ / pair

Long Course

95€ / person

170€ / pair

Entry dead-line is 30th of June 2021.
Students / children: discount -10€ / person
Contact: info(a)
Entry fees must be paid directly by way of email-responded invoice. Bank transfer payment only!

Entry fee includes:

·         Timing in every categories
·         Marked route through the course
·         Refreshment stations every 4-6kms
·         Salmon soup lunch
·         Protein Cake and coffee
·         Local handmade giveaway                                                                                              ·         Kuopio Swimrun -foldable cup, to be returned when finishing
·         Dressroom and Shower
·         Nice prizes for lucky and strongest ones 
·         Awesome swimrun experience through Finnish Lakeland!

By registering the competition, you accept the following rules!

Each competitor goes through the competition course at his / her own risk. The organizer has no responsible for any accident during the race. Find out you have a valid insurance of your own for swimrun.

Children under 18 years may compete only with a permission by one´s guardian!

The participation fee must be paid by bank transfer after registration. Participation cannot be cancelled, but your participation can be transferred to another competitor. If so, send message to: info(a)

If the competition is cancelled, the organizer has the right to withhold 30% of the entry fee. If the competition is cancelled or the race course is changed during the competition day due to weather conditions, the entry fees will not be refunded. If the competition is cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19 all entries will be moved to the new date with no cost.

Mandatory equipment:
Swimming cap 1pc / person
Whistle  1pc / person
First Aid Bandage 1pc / person or team
Foldable cup 1pc / person, supplied by organizer, to be returned
Wetsuit 1pc / person
If the temperature of water and air is high, the wetsuit can be converted into an optional accessory. In this case, Pull-Buoy is mandatory. The decision will be made no later than 5th of July.

Recommended equipment:
Pull Buoy
Swimming goggles
Hand paddles
Spike shoes

Forbidden Equipment (on long course):
Floating equipment with a total size of over 32cm x 30cm x 15cm
Flippers longer than 15cm

During the race:
Competitors must proceed the whole course along the marked route

Maximum distance between team members is 50m on the ground and 10m on the water

Refreshment stations (liquid+energy) are available every 4-6 kilometers. Competitors can also carry their own snack. Receiving external assistance is only allowed in emergency.

Competitors / Teams carry all their equipment from the start to the finish. Gel rubbish etc. can be junked at refreshment stations, otherwise absolutely no littering!

If needed, each participant is obliged to assist an injured competitor or organizer in an emergency situation.

The organizer has guiding / rescue personnel on longer swim sections and as a tail-end supervisor, but make always sure to protect your way especially on difficult trails and some short roadways.

On the long course, there is a Cut Off point (11km / 3h). Missed teams will be directed to the short cut (short course).

Abandoned competitors must report straight for the nearest refreshment station or finish.


The protests must be left to the competition information after the informal results and before the prizegiving. The results will be published on the website

The organizer reserves the right to publish the images and videos taken during the event for marketing / reporting the competition.

If the previous rules or some later instructions given by organizer aren´t observed, team / single competitor can be disqualified.